The Batts is an 11 acre piece of ancient meadow purchased by Dalton Piercy Parish Council in 2013 and currently serving as an unofficial nature reserve. It follows the valley of the Char Beck and has a good variety of wildlife, both flora and fauna.

Access to The Batts is gained close to the beck near 'The Terrace'.  The public footpath follows the stream and eventually leads to open meadow.

Flora includes Ash, Elder, Hawthorn and Sycamore trees; spring flowering  Early Purple Orchids, Lesser Celandines, Marsh Marigolds, Meadowsweet, Twayblades and Violets.


It is home to a wide variety of small mammals (bank vole, field mouse, fox, hare, hedgehog, mole, rabbit, rat & weasel), insects, (wild bee, beetles, butterflies, moths, spiders & wasps), amphibians (frogs, newts & toads) and small fish (minnow & stickleback).

It is an area once used by many residents and visitors alike for picnics, but is now mainly used for dog walking, observation of the natural habitat and general enjoyment of the peace at this rural spot. 

In 2019 Dalton Piercy Parish Council won funding from The Red Gap Wind Farm Community Fund to help incease biodiversity in the area.  As a result Tees Valley Wildlife Trust carried out work and installed bee banks and wild flower meadows, numerous bird box's and an owl box.

Photos below; The Batts Wildflower meadows 2020.