Annual Parish Meeting

The Annual Parish Meeting


The Annual Meeting of the Parish is is an opportunity for the public to express their opinions on what the parish council is doing and to make suggestions for new activities or services they would like to see made available.


It is a special meeting held once a year, between 1 March and 30 June, where the Parish Council invite the public and press to hear reports from the Parish Council, Ward Councillors, Police, PCC, St Peter's School Elwick, and other village organisations, and to discuss important issues such as the Parish Plan. It is not the Annual Meeting of the Parish CounciI itself.


As we have a Parish Council in Dalton Piercy, the Chairman of the Parish Council will normally chair the Parish Meeting; if he is unable to attend, either another Parish Councillor or the Clerk will chair the meeting. 


No votes taken at the Annual Parish Meeting are binding on the parish council, although Councillors will consider them at their  next meeting. 


Only those members of the public on the electoral roll are entitled to vote on an issue - other members of the public may attend and express their views, but cannot vote.


The Parish Council's Standing Orders are suspended for the Parish Meeting.


All this could make for a terribly formal affair, but in Dalton Piercy we like to mix business with pleasure so, whilst we do conduct the formal business of the meeting, we also have wine & cheese/coffee & cake and use the occasion to be sociable, and get to know who does what and when!